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Erlang Classics

Getting Start with Erlang

英文版1 by Erricson AB

中文版Erlang/OTP R11B 文档》 翻译: DinoWu (目前中文版包括“入门”和“OTP设计原则”)


Making reliable distributed systems in the presence of software errors

英文版2 by Joe Armstrong

中文版 《面对软件错误构建可靠的分布式系统》 翻译: 段先德

Concurrent Programming in Erlang, Part I

英文版3 by Prentice Hall

Programming Erlang

英文版 by Joe Armstrong

翻译: jackyz & TrustNo1 (进行中)

EUC 07 Erlang WorkShop

(此部分来自 krzycube 的贡献)

Commercial Applications of Multi-core at Ericsson

英文版[暂缺]4 by H. Nilsson.

Extended Process Registry for Erlang

英文版5 by U. Wiger.

中文版 《扩展 Erlang 的进程注册表》 翻译:gigix

A Language for Specifying Type Contracts in Erlang and its Interaction with Success Typings

英文版6 by M. Jim茅nez, T. Lindahl, K. Sagonas

Introducing Records by Refactoring

英文版7 by L. L枚vei, Z. Horv谩th, T. Kozsik, R. Kir谩ly

Towards Hard Real-Time Erlang

英文版8 by V. Nicosia, C. Santoro

Programming Distributed Erlang Applications: Pitfalls and Recipes

英文版9 by H. Svensson, L.-脜. Fredlund

中文版编写分布式的Erlang程序:陷阱和对策》 翻译:gigix

Timed Verification of Erlang/OTP Components with the Process Algebra muCRL

英文版[暂缺]10 by Q. Guo, J. Derrick

Priority Messaging made Easy

英文版11 by J. H. Nystr枚m

Optimising TCP/IP Connectivity

英文版12 by O. Hellstr枚m

翻译: Jerry (进行中)

An Erlang Framework for Autonomous Mobile Robots

英文版13 by V. Nicosia, C. Santoro

Learning Programming with Erlang

英文版14 by F. Huch

Programming Efficiently with Binaries and Bit Strings

英文版15 by Per Gustafsson (来自 Jerry 的贡献)

翻译: Jerry (进行中)


Purely Functional Data Structures

英文版16 演示 by Chris Okasaki (来自 cn-erlounge-ii 现场,由 krzycube 贡献)

Practical Type Inference Based on Success Typings

英文版17 by Tobias Lindahl and Konstantinos Sagonas (来自 gigix 的贡献)

Design Patterns for Simulations in Erlang/OTP

英文版18 by Ulf Ekstrom (来自 gigix 的贡献)

A More Accurate Semantics for Distributed Erlang

英文版19 by Hans Svensson, Lars-Ake Fredlund (来自 myrc 的发现,由 mryufeng 提供下载地址)



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