plists (Erlang module for doing list operations in parallel)
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plists is a drop-in replacement for the Erlang module lists, making most list operations parallel. It can operate on each element in parallel, for IO-bound operations, on sublists in parallel, for taking advantage of multi-core machines with CPU-bound operations, and across erlang nodes, for parallizing inside a cluster. It handles errors and node failures. It can be configured, tuned, and tweaked to get optimal performance while minimizing overhead.

Almost all the functions are identical to equivalent functions in lists, returning exactly the same result, and having both a form with an identical syntax that operates on each element in parallel and a form which takes an optional "malt", a specification for how to parallize the operation.

fold is the one exception, parallel fold is different from linear fold. This module also include a simple mapreduce implementation, and the function runmany. All the other functions are implemented with runmany, which is as a generalization of parallel list operations.

Documentation is available at, and a blog post with some examples at

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